Angel Hsu

Assistant Professor, Social Sciences (Environmental Studies), Yale-NUS College;
Founder and Director of Data-Driven Environmental Policy Lab (Data-Driven Lab)

Angel is a professor, researcher, writer and speaker who spends much of her time analysing large datasets to develop policy solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental problems, such as climate change and air pollution. As she writes: “I work between the push and pull of data science and public policy, and this passion drives me to explore how new technologies, analytical techniques and communication strategies can improve governance and lead to better environmental outcomes in rapidly developing countries like China. She founded and directed Data-Driven Lab, an international team of interdisciplinary researchers, scientists, programmers and visual designers. Under her direction, Data-Driven Lab works collaboratively with scholars and practitioners around the world to collect, transform and communicate information, creating new knowledge and policy tools designed to make the world greener and healthier.

Her work has been published in scientific journals like Nature and Nature Climate Change and featured in media like The Economist and the New York Times. Angel was also a TED 2018 Age of Amazement speaker.