Harry Seah

Deputy Chief Executive of Operations, PUB

From a fledgling nation beset with numerous water challenges in its early years, Singapore has overcome its vulnerability, thanks to a gritty vision that envisaged an integrated, sustainable water strategy with NEWater, Singapore’s own brand of recycled water at its core. And the man behind the development and introduction of NEWater is Harry Seah, the Deputy Chief Executive of Operations at PUB, Singapore’s national water agency. In his current role, Harry ensures that the entire integrated water supply, used water and drainage networks run like clockwork to supply clean, wholesome drinking water, quenching the thirst of 5.5 million Singaporeans. A well-respected figure in the global water arena, Harry regularly features on Water and Wastewater International’s Top 25 Global Water Leaders, a who’s who of the thought leaders in the water industry.